6 Types of Shoes to Pack for Any Summer Trip

If you’re anything like me, you are obsessed with seeing how much you can fit in one suitcase and in effect, end up severely under-packing. What’s worse than under-packing, however, is lugging around extra weight from all the items you over-packed but never end up wearing.

So, save yourself the sore muscles and improperly utilized suitcase space and use this guide when selecting the best pairs of shoes to bring on your next summer trip. From a beach resort to your favorite European city, these suggestions will cover nearly any situation you may face while keeping you stylish and comfortable!

6 types of shoes to pack for summer trips

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1. Block heels

Got a date? Fancy dinner plans? Just want to jazz up all the casual summer outfits you packed? Block heel sandals are your hero. These particular heels have been my go-to all summer because they are surprisingly comfortable! I wore them to the wedding in Charleston a few weeks ago (seen in this post, also this post, and this post) and by then end of the night felt just as comfortable in them as I did when I first slipped them on! The wider heel, or “block” heel is not quite as precarious as its sister the stiletto, which makes these great for traveling and any potential walking – hopefully not too far!

Espadrilles for summer

2. Espadrilles

The staple summer shoe, if there were just one! The wedge espadrille pulls double duty as both a casual shoe and a dressy shoe when paired with the right outfit. Wedges make traversing all types of terrain from golf course greens, to pebbly plantation drives a breeze. These Castaner wedges come with extra foot-bed padding to make people wonder what superpower you possess to last so long in heels!

3. Superga

Not sneakers, Supergas. I typically avoid sneakers because I find them terribly uncomfortable for long-distance, varied terrain walking. This brand in particular is different. Not only are they a flattering, preppy-style staple shoe, they’re also not nearly as restrictive as other sneakers and thus very comfy! They’re slightly more wide than other brands, which means room for your foot to expand and breathe, and they also have a little bit of arch support built-in. The best part, they’re super affordable (I got mine on sale for less than $55)!

Regent St. in my TB ballet flats

4. Ballet flats

Ballet flats are the classic choice for when you want to look put-together and still be comfortable. When choosing a pair of flats – especially a pair you’ll be doing lots of walking in – consider first, the shape of the toes. After a while, pointed toe will be less comfortable than almond toe, or round toe (such as on a loafer), or a more squared off toe like my Tory Burch driver flats pictured above (see the post here!). Look for “nappa leather” as the upper – it moves beautifully with your foot and feels as soft as butter!

5. Sandals

These Tory Burch Miller sandals are a social media obsession for a good reason – they are the. most. comfortable. shoes. Period. I wear these anytime we go out and I want to look halfway decent but also secretly super comfortable! Last seen here, they were the perfect shoes for strolling the cobbled streets of Charleston with no blisters, no rubbing and no sore feet! Absolutely worth the investment, or do what I did and snag a pair for half off during Black Friday!

6. Mules

A popular style of shoe in 16th century Europe – and worn as far back as Ancient Rome – mules are another casual shoe option that deserve a place in your suitcase. You guys have seen me talk about this specific pair of Sam Edelman heeled mules before in this post. I was so pleasantly surprised with how well the leather upper stretches and gives with each step, and how after 3-4 wears are broken in and so comfortable! Currently on trend, the humble mule can be worn with everything from sundresses to cutoff shorts.

Enjoy your end of summer trips – in style and comfort!

xo, Mia

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