Summer Whites + Summer Break

I never understood the photos of moms gleefully shooing their kids off on the first day of a new school year, clad in a robe, margarita in hand. But then again, that’s back when I only had one child.

I get it now though! Summers with two kids are infinitely more hectic than summers with one kid. Double the messes, double the screaming and double the number of coffees I need to just survive the madness. Despite mine being six years apart in age, they still fight a good 75% of the time and by the end of the day, I can’t stand the sound of my own voice mediating squabbles. At the same time, once the girls are finally in bed, that time to myself – even if its just an hour – is the sweetest possible reward for surviving another crazy summer day. It’s what keeps me going throughout the screaming, the arguing, the whining and the constant demand for sugary snacks – much like knowing that in just a few weeks one will be back in school and things will be quiet again.

I love my girls and I love being with them, don’t take this little expression of my love-hate relationship with the summer months any other way. I realize that with each summer ending and each new school year beginning, I’m one step closer to sending my sweet girls off to college. It’s a thought that I try not to dwell on because honestly, these are indeed the best years.

I found this gorgeous top at a local boutique (shop it in the link at the bottom of the post) and immediately knew I had to have it! I am obsessed with the crochet flowers that adorn the front of the blouse and continue up and around the high collar and mimicked at the hem of the three-quarter length sleeve. Pin-tucking, lace and a suckered appearance allover, there is so much detail in the top that you would never believe I bought it for less than $50!! It washes beautifully and has so far been easy to care for. Definitely a great buy! The skirt is J.Crew and even thought it comes in petite sizing, I opted for the classic size 25. Its still pretty short for my taste but the 26 (my usual size) was about 3 inches too wide in the waist.

I am loving these gold, low-heeled mules this summer! The basket weave is undeniably summery and the gold color is stunning in person. Also seen here, these mules (which are on sale!) are the shoe of the summer!

If there’s one thing we can count on it’s that white will always be a staple shade of the summer season. A base for building a colorful ensemble. The clean contrast for balancing a bold statement. Or a statement in itself.

Shop this look HERE!

PS- Today, in the madness of another summer day, remember that this day will pass and be forever gone. Your little ones are getting older with each passing day and there will come a time when they no longer ask you to read them a bedtime story, or climb up in your lap for a cuddle when you need it most. So hang in there and love your little ones!

“Please, let them be little,
‘Cause they’re only that way for a while.
Give them hope, give them praise,
Give them love every day.
Let ‘em cry, let ‘em giggle,
Let ‘em sleep in the middle,
Oh, but let them be little.” 

-Billy Dean

xo, Mia

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