Pink Stripe Preppy

HEY, long time no see! It pains me to not being creating anything for the blog lately, but with my photographer out of town, two massive projects I’m working on, plus the girls and all their needs, I’m swamped. Like, wake up exhausted, losing weight ’cause I just can’t stop kind of busy. It’s rough but in just two weeks everything changes and I can’t wait to share with you guys exactly what is happening!

I wore this outfit today to a meeting and just loved the way I felt in it! I had to share it with you guys even though my pics are meh. [Full disclosure, I did not wear the hat in the meeting 😜].

You may have seen this preppy pink stripe shirt in my Instagram stories a few weeks back – Lilly was trying it on and spent a good 20 minutes trying to get one of the buttons buttoned.😂 I was amazed at how focused she was on that button and wish I had some of that focus to power through my last few classes in uni! These earrings and the matching necklace are from the Kate Spade Outlet and I absolutely love them! I have a multi-strand pearl necklace but life just wasn’t complete without a single-strand pearl necklace, and this one is perfect as I generally prefer dainty jewelry.

Definitely hit up the outlets this weekend (Memorial Day!) since sales will be plenty and every classy lady needs at least a few pearl necklaces!

These jeans and sandals were also worn in this post and I just love how well they work on cooler spring and summer days. Both are super comfortable for a day of running errands, or just hanging out and the jeans are 40% off this weekend, so now is the time to grab a pair!

The other piece of this preppy outfit that I am so jazzed about is this fabulous packable wide-brim bow hat. First off, you know how much I love bows and that alone sold me. Second, the band is adjustable, which is a must when buying hats as one size does NOT fit all! The brim extends further in the front for optimal age-defying sun protection, and is shorter in the back so that it’s not scraping your back and shoulders and getting all jostled while you’re just trying to live your life. Hands down, the greatest hat of all time! It comes in 5 colors and I have the ivory and navy – the pink is next on my list!

Shop: Best hat ever | Earrings and necklace similar here and here | Shirt (outlet) similar here | Belt here |
Jeans |Straw bag here |

and here’s the meh pic I snapped on the way out the door, but I’m posting it cause I feel it helps tell the story. Also, I forgot the logo belt in the flat-lay, so here’s the full ensemble.

I’m all about this pink stripe preppy outfit!! What do you think? Let me know if you’re planning on shopping Memorial Day sales this weekend so I can live vicariously through you, as I’ll be digging myself out of a pit of school work! 😜

xo, Mia

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