A Taste of Spring + A Very British Ensemble

Last week we had the Polar Vortex where temperatures dipped into the low teens and single-digits. Granted, we had it better than most of the country who saw temperatures in the negatives! I’ll never forget the feeling of walking through -30 degree gusting winds during our visit to Ohio during the last Polar Vortex in 2013. Slightly scary, as that’s when electricity, water and other fundamental resources start to act funny (see the pictures online of people’s toilets exploding from the water freezing solid…in their house!).

Fast forward a few days and we have spring-like weather! It’s a lovely teaser for spring that has me excited to pack away all of my wool and cashmere for the year. Soon…

Inspired by weather that didn’t call for boots and heavy socks, I took an exciting new outfit out for a spin. My mother-in-law actually bought me this fun London guard sweater and matching London guard loafers for my birthday last year and I’ve been dying for the chance to wear them!

If you know me at all, you know I love love love all things British! Hubby and I had the immense pleasure of taking our lifelong dream trip across the pond last July and half my heart has been there ever since! 

Plus, I just love carrying this elegant little chain wallet that hubby surprised me with at Christmas!

Don’t you just love wearing all of your favorite things?! It seems silly to me to waste time and money on anything else 😉


2 thoughts on “A Taste of Spring + A Very British Ensemble

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