A Lovely Last Day…For Now.

As a military family, we are well accustomed to friends and loved ones popping in and out of our lives periodically. We never live in the same city for more than three years and usually nowhere near friends and family. For now, short visits as often as possible is the name of the game.

A perfect little face

We were fortunate to have my mom, aka Granny, out for a week long visit. The girls were properly spoiled and Nate and I got an afternoon out together! But on mom’s last day in town we decided to spend it sightseeing, shopping and eating, together.

Pretty sure this is one of those blocks that were installed to help ladies out of carriages hundreds of years ago! See the house it sits in front of at the bottom of the page.

Old town Alexandria is where we chose to explore.

We’ve been to parts of this little slice of D.C. before but usually only briefly and for a purpose. We chose to have lunch in one such familiar place, the Columbia Firehouse, where we had been a year earlier to have dinner with a dear friend and his new-at-the-time girlfriend.

This place is right up my alley with its Edwardian style interiors and Titanic-esque vibe. The firehouse was built in 1883 but later converted into a restaurant that serves American classics like burgers and corned beef hash (what Nate and my mom had for lunch) and has a raw bar for those who are into that!

Complete with a detail I hope to have in my future home – a spiral staircase!
Always carrying her jewelry around

A hunk of meat for Nate and roasted salmon over parmesan pearl couscous and brussels bursting with flavor from the lemon dijon vinaigrette for me. Delicious all around!

She cut her chicken, the fries leaped off the plate startling both of them😂

Chicken fingers and fries for the littlest taste buds at the table…

Feeling full and ready to walk our tasty lunch off, we set out in search of cupcakes!

Pausing briefly for a snap or two and to let the girls run around an empty courtyard – surprisingly fun and very exciting! Ah, to see life through the eyes of a little girl!

What do you think of my Valentine’s inspired pink/red accessory combo? Typically a no-go for me but I am really loving it right now!

A few more skips and twirls and we made it to Lavender Moon Cupcakery. It’s a small little cupcakery, just a few tables in a shabby-chic room, but the cupcakes were absolutely amazing! That’s mine up there, the triple Belgian chocolate – YUM x3! I’m rather particular about frosting, but can truthfully say that Lavender Moon makes some incredible frosting!

Mom had vanilla-vanilla, Layla ordered red velvet and sweet baby girl had a s’mores cupcake!

Nate was just enjoying being in a pink striped cupcakery 😜 He did eat the rest of Lilly’s s’mores cupcake though and reported that it was in fact, “really good!” Not a bad reaction from someone who doesn’t like sweets!

As the day went on and evening crept ever closer, so too did mom’s departure. Feeling extra full and happy after our sweet treat, we took the scenic walk back to our car.

Up cobbled streets, past Edwardian-/Georgian- style (and some even older!) homes and shops and dashing off toward the inviting glow of gas-lamps as the sun set lower.

I’m a big fan of gas-lamps, you know…

Soaking in the golden afternoon sun, crisp January air, and admiring the beautiful historical buildings on all sides of us, stumbling on one particularly interesting historical home…

…built by someone you may or may not be familiar with…


Built for investment in 1797 by GEORGE WASHINGTON lot purchased by Washington in 1763 conveyed by will in 1799 to MARTHA WASHINGTON.

Then off to the airport to bid mom, aka Granny, farewell…for now!


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