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Making Time For One Another


My mom, aka Granny, is in town this week. Her visits are such a blessing for many reasons, one being that Nate and I get the rare opportunity to go out and spend some time together without the kiddos!

That’s just what we did this weekend. We visited one of our favorite places in D.C. to eat and shop – Georgetown. Since it was just the two of us, we had all the time we wanted to sample new restaurants and cafes, pop in and out of shops we normally can only whiz by on our way to get the kiddos home before a meltdown, and stroll up and down the more quiet, residential side of Georgetown.

I chose our first stop which was one that’s been on my radar for months. Laduree is a French cafe/patisserie with the most stunning display of sweets and a French decor theme that gave me major home decor inspo! I deeply regret that I didn’t get any pictures of the inside of this cafe, I was too busy taking it all in – it was just adorable!

If anyone knows where to find plates and cups like these…let me know!!!

We each got a coffee – me a caramel macchiato – and split a Plaisir Sucré which was chocolate, hazelnut bliss (even Nate loved it and he is not a sweets person)!

We always relish in the peace and quiet of the table when it’s just us two at a restaurant – no squirmy girls, no bribing anyone to eat a bite of their food, just relaxing and enjoying our meal for a change!

Following our deceptively filling and very decadent start, we headed off to shop a few stores that I’ve only been able to shop online until now!

& Other Stories is where I picked up this beautiful pale pink wool scarf. I had been eyeing it online for a few weeks and was so excited to see it in store that I bought it without hesitation. I’m glad I did because the weather was windy, misty and got only as warm as the mid 30s…perfect weather for my new wool scarf!

Next we set off to explore the side streets and back roads, away from the main street – stopping to take in the unique architectural features of the buildings around us, take a few photos and just stroll at our own pace.

Loved the large windows and ivy-lined staircase!
That white fence encloses a garden terrace! Goals
Christmas 😢
The oldest house in DC!

Then back around to the main road for our last stop before heading home.

I’m all for brocade ceilings!

Nate’s choice for food, an Irish pub called Ri Ra that I actually really enjoyed, despite not being a fan of greasy, super-unhealthy foods. My veggie burger was delicious though and the cole slaw was perfectly crunchy with just a hint of spicy. Overall, a nice experience!

We rolled ourselves back to our car after our hearty late lunch and drove home feeling refreshed and ready to take on two energetic girls, thankful that we could make time for one another.


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