D.C. for the Holidays

This weekend was another one full of Christmas adventures. The weather is beautiful this time of year and perfect for exploring D.C. and some of the festivities the city offers. 

We hit three big attractions on our Saturday outing with the littles and that is precisely we only made it to three of the places we planned, ha! Such is life with little ones but don’t think I’m complaining! The excitement and wonder they experienced at just those three places was the best part of the whole trip!

Sweet Lilly again had to fight the urge to touch the big Christmas tree!

First stop was the U.S. Capitol building – where congress “works”. 😜 We lingered around the Christmas tree for a bit, admiring all the ornaments and enjoying the chilly, Saturday in the park.

This was my first time being so close to the capitol building – it’s beautiful! So massive and so Georgian! We saw President Trump’s helicopter coming back to the White House from where we were standing (in the first picture), which was so cool! The security guards confirmed it was him…SO NEAT! 

Next we headed into the Capitol. There was a short line for security then we were in. Nate spotted a sign for a tunnel to the Library of Congress which caused us to forget all about seeing the Capitol and bee-line straight for the Library! 

You guys…..look at this place….

I was nearly moved to tears by how much it felt like we were in a stunning historical building in England!

All marble everything.

It’s no secret that Americans don’t place the same value on their history as the English do, so to see a building like this – and all original too! – on my own home turf was amazing!

After getting a picture of every nook and cranny of the great hall (and taking a peek at the Gutenberg bible!) we made our way back to the Capitol building and set off for the White House for more Christmas tree viewing!

The giant “dolly house” 🤣

And Christmas trees we saw! Over 50 of them! One for every state, U.S. territory, and of course the national Christmas tree!

The National Christmas tree 2018
Ohio’s tree!

We made a loop around the National Christmas tree and found Ohio’s Christmas tree – and what a lovely view she had!

Then stopped every few feet or so to watch the trains go by on one of the many little tracks and towns laid out around the National Christmas tree – my favorite was the little oval shaped trolly! Check out my Instagram highlights to see it in action, its so cute!

The trolley is blue and red and the furthest to the right.

For dinner we went to the Old Ebbitt Grill – again. Big mistake, as it was completely and ridiculously busy! Make a reservation if you really want to eat here, or just go to one of the restaurants around the corner that are much less busy.

Where will you be adventuring this Holiday season?


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