Happy Birthday!

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This weekend was so exciting for a few reasons!

  1. It was my birthday!!
  2. We finally got our family Christmas card pictures taken!! (And I am DYING to show you guys!)
  3. December is here!!
  4. Christmas fun begins!!

The weekend kicked off on Friday afternoon when hubby came home and surprised me with a gift I’ve been wanting since last birthday. This stunning, personalized, hand-engraved, gold layering necklace!

Shop: My necklaces – small heart, large disc & similar set | Similar – Love this key necklace, this cute locket, this trendy bar necklace, this keepsake signature one, this one that you can customize a ton of ways, and this custom block necklace that’s all over social media right now!

What I love about this necklace is not just how sophisticated and dainty it is, or how perfectly it will pair with every single thing in my wardrobe, but rather the engraving my husband surprised me with. The small heart on the shorter chain has an “N”, my hubby’s initial, and on one side of the large disc it reads the girls’ and my initials. The side of the disc pictured above has the verse “Mark 10:9” engraved and I absolutely love that he picked that verse to be etched in gold and carried close to my heart!

“Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

Mark 10:9 NIV

On Saturday, we celebrated. And since it was my day, I chose a break from cooking and to do some Christmas sightseeing for my birthday festivities, so we went to National Harbor. It’s close, it’s fun, there are lots of good restaurants, cute little shops and always some seasonal activity going on – you’ll see me talk about NH a lot on the blog!

We had dinner at SUCCOTASH and it was delicious!! Succotash serves modern-southern comfort fare and it was just what we needed on a chilly winter’s night. I ordered the smoked Atlantic salmon with white miso glaze, succotash curry and crispy onions. SO GOOD. Second best was Lilly’s bacon mac & cheese, which was so cheesy, creamy and full of flavor! For dessert the house presented me with two delectable, crumbly butter pecan cookies, which are now my constant craving. The service was on-point with every consideration for the needs of two young children given and our server (who looked like Josephine Baker!) was so kind and attentive. I just saw that they have brunch, so you can bet we will be back again!

Butter pecan cookies with vanilla whipped cream 😋

After our hearty meal the only thing I wanted to do was walk around and see all the glittering Christmas lights out on display.

This was Lilly’s first year going out to look at Christmas lights and she was pretty overwhelmed! The evening took an interesting turn when she was not allowed to touch the Christmas tree and decided to throw herself on the ground in protest, HA! 

So we quickly made our way as far as possible from the irresistible Christmas tree…

…and into the Gaylord!

We were only able to stay for a few minutes, as by now it was encroaching on the littlest one’s bedtime and she was getting fussier by the minute, but we were able to find a series of Christmas trees decorated, each with items symbolic of a foreign country. Can you guess which one was my favorite?

If you guessed the United Kingdom tree, well then you must know me pretty well!

It wasn’t the most elaborate, nor did it fully represent how amazing the entire United Kingdom is, but I was happy to see it nonetheless!

Brazil’s tree clearly had a bit more attention put into it – so fun with the masquerade masks and feathers!
Hubby is working on his low-light photography😢 

On our way out we paused to take in the forest of glistening, golden trees and revel in the chilly December night air. Forever thankful for another birthday, family and the fun we are able to have together!

If you want to know how old I am, post your guess in the comments! I always love hearing how old people think I am…they always guess wrong! 😜


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