Four More Years

Today I did something that I rarely ever do. Something that if given the choice, I would never ever do. 


I got up before the sun. LOL

If you were expecting some deep, heartfelt, tear-jerking follow-up to that intro well, that would be in the previous draft of this post, that I decided just now to scratch in favor of a more lighthearted re-telling of the day’s main event.

Today Nate was sworn in for four more years in Marine Corps. I suggested we do it outside because the soft golden glow of the morning sun paired with the hazy mist that softened everything in sight made such an ethereal setting. Clearly, Marines aren’t concerned with picking the most picturesque setting for reenlisting, rather just “getting it over with”. 

The ceremony was super quick and as I had Lilly with me, of course she had to sprinkle in a touch of unbelievable cuteness to the event. As soon as the guys lined up like so (see picture below), Lilly decided it was the perfect time to take her dad all of his accoutrements – phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses – one at a time, and did not leave until he took them from her. SO CUTE. It gave everyone a chuckle and then the seriousness began.


And by seriousness I mean these two signing the next four years of their lives away to the USMC. 

Showing 4 fingers for 4 more years, or 8 fingers for 8 years total 😂

To four more years…CHEERS! 🍾🥂


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