Delicious Sunday Dinner

For many families, Sunday dinner is a big deal and perhaps the best meal of the week. I have been so swamped with my school schedule/kids/house and my helper/husband has been out of town for the last three weeks. As a result of double the workload but not double the hours in the day, I have barely been able to get dinner on the table, let alone get an awesome dinner on the table. 

“Not tonight”, I said to myself as my taste buds were screaming for something a little more satisfying than macaroni and bleh. As you could see from my Instagram story, this dinner was the exact opposite of “bleh” and I am so happy to share it with you guys! Our main dish was chicken breasts in the most mouthwatering white wine mushroom sauce, perfect creamy parmesan risotto topped with more delectable parmesan, and brussels sprouts with bacon – your new favorite side dish!

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Edinburgh Part 2.

Following a busy but also strangely relaxing day in Edinburgh, we woke up bright an early and caught a cab bound for the center of Old Town. Our adventure today took us way outside of our temporary home city and all across the breathtaking Scottish highlands.


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Edinburgh Part 1.

Scotland is beautiful and so rich with history that it could take weeks to really see everything you want. We had 3 days.

With a few solid plans on the books, we made Edinburgh our base and left plenty of time to wander.

DSC_0104 (1)

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