Happy 6th Anniversary!

Today – June 23rd, 2018 – marks 6 years that Nate and I have had in wedded bliss!

Ok that might be a stretch. Anyone who is married can pretty much agree that marriage takes work, lots of work. Hard work. 

But is all the hard work worth it?

Yes. Every. Single. Time.

Proposal 2012
The one and only photo from our engagement! Nate is still bothered by that cup in my hand, HA! Topsail – NC.

We had a rocky first few years which were complicated by deployment, miscarriages, moving from North Carolina to California and just learning how to go from being two individuals to one married couple.

M13 (1 of 1)
First anniversary in San Diego – 2013.

That last one is the kicker. Learning how to go from being two individuals to one married couple. That is what marriage is all about.

Putting your husband or wife first.

Apologizing even when the very words burn inside your mouth, but you know that it’s necessary to begin to heal. 

Understanding that it’s not “permission” you need from them, it’s you needing to show respect and courtesy…and love.


Nate was deployed for our second anniversary, so here’s a pic from a few months after he returned! San Diego, CA

Letting them know you appreciate them.


Third anniversary in Las Vegas, NV during a very difficult year – 2015

Trusting one another and remaining worthy of their trust.

For our fourth, we went to the Melting Pot with Layla and Lilly (second trimester!). Destin, FL.

Perhaps most importantly…

Understanding that you are on the same team and it is necessary to learn to lean on one another and Christ Jesus.

The saying is true… the family that prays together, stays together!

Five years – we had just moved to MD and were too busy to even get a picture together! This was around our anniversary – Washington, D.C.

Happy 6 years to my dear husband! I can’t wait for our celebration in just a few weeks!



  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to a great couple I’m glad we’re friends/neighbors with!!

    Y’all are going to have a blast on your anniversary trip soon! We’re so happy for you!!

    May God bless you with MANY MORE years together as you grow in love with each other and with Him:)

    PS: The engagement/anniversary photos are GREAT!

    1. Thanks so much Dallas! We are fortunate to have made some wonderful friends here in MD!

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