How To Be There For Long-Distance Loved Ones


Living far away from friends and family isn’t always that great. Loved ones miss out on births, parties, awards ceremonies, recitals, graduations, baptisms and all the little moments that make life so incredibly sweet. With family in Ohio and us living in Maryland (for now), we are at least closer than we have been for the last few years. Still, schedules don’t always permit even a quick weekend visit.

Over the last weekend, Layla had her first piano recital and she also got baptized! Two big moments in her life that not all of her extended family were able to make it down here for, and sometimes it just happens that way. As a result, she has learned to be so resilient, brave, understanding and appreciative of small gestures to let her know she’s loved. God bless military kids! 

So how do you let your loved ones know you’re there, without actually being there? Well in my opinion, the best way is by sending a small physical reminder that you are always thinking them. In this case, COOKIES!

cookies 2
It took a lot of self control not to touch these till Layla got home!
Shortbread with white buttercream & shortbread with strawberry buttercream!


While texts, FaceTime and phone calls are great, who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?! Especially one containing sweet treats! My mom, a.k.a. Granny, hit the nail on the head with this one and I felt I had to share it with you all! These days there are so many options for mail-order gifts, it would be silly not to take advantage! Some of my favorite gifts that I’ve sent and received are from:

  • Harry & David – SO many options!
  • Edible Arrangements – I love the chocolate covered fruits that you can order on their own.
  • Gift Tree – assortments of goodies in fun packaging, love this at Christmas!
  • Godiva chocolates – I’ve done this for Mother’s Day.
  • Personal Wine (or something like it) – customize the labeling on a bottle of wine/champy and have it sent to your loved one! My mom received one of these and loved it.
  • Flowers – There are never enough flowers in my house, to be honest.
  • Omaha Steaks – life saver!
  • Artwork that you or the kids have made – the BEST.

cookies 3

Layla was kind enough to share her cookies with me – I had the shortbread with white buttercream…with coffee of course…YUM!

cookies 5



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