Lilac for Spring

I have been planning this post for a few weeks now and am so excited to finally get it all on the blog! It has to do with one of my favorite things…fashion! I don’t fancy myself an artistic or creative person per se, however clothes allow me to express what little artistic creativity I can muster and I love it! Since we are living on a military budget, I’m not quite able to satiate my inner desire for a fully stocked, coordinated and exciting wardrobe. So when something I’ve been hunting for months or – in this case – years pops up, I pounce! Which brings me to this lilac skirt.

Now before we begin, let me start by saying that my husband and I are novice picture takers (I can’t even bring myself to say the word “photographer”), and I started learning Lightroom in tandem with Photoshop…last week. So bear with us as we test and develop our photography skills and my editing skills! I also want to note that as I am working around his work schedule for photos, we had to take these outdoor ones in DIRECT blazing bright sunlight, which even I know is the worst for taking photos in! But hey, ‘adapt and overcome’ is our motto, so we will make it work!


Lilac is my favorite color and is also a surprisingly uncommon color for clothes. I spend a good deal of time shopping online and in stores and on top of my list of necessities (like yet another handbag) I’m also looking for anything in lilac. This tie-waist, button-front, midi beauty was divinely dropped into my path when I saw another blogger share it on her Instagram stories. As it was the brilliant Julia Engel of Gal Meets Glam who shared it, it wasn’t long before it sold out. I stalked the website, determined to finally live the dream of owning lilac clothing, and within a few hours it was back in stock and IN MY SIZE! It was meant to be. 


LILAC! Lovely, luscious, lilac. In a super lightweight, flowy cotton; lined and high-waisted, my favorite! This is my favorite spring skirt that will be perfect for summer when I’ve grown tired of shorts and want something comfortable and casual to wear. To show it’s versatility, I’ve styled it two ways for ya. The first few photos are of one of the many ideas I had for a casual outfit. This analogous palette of pink purple and blue uses a classic denim jacket, satchel handbag, white cotton cami or tank top if worn without the jacket, plus the best espadrille wedges! This is practical and comfortable enough to wear if I’m just staying home chilling with the babes or running errands. Though with the addition of wedges, a cute color (or woven basket purse if I had one!) purse and some snazzy cat-eye sunglasses you’re good to go for a casual brunch, shopping or sightseeing (cause all I can think about is traveling right now)!


With a quick change of a few pieces, this sublime skirt becomes semi-dressy! I’ve swapped the wedges for low block heeled barely there pumps, a scalloped cami, dainty pave crystal bracelet and some purple and pink crystal Kate Spade drop earrings. This is something I would wear for a bridal shower, mid-morning event a.k.a Church, or even a casual outdoor wedding. Considering the fact that I spend most of my days cleaning spilled milk, jettisoned dinners and other kid grime off the floors, this is a pretty fancy outfit for me yet still super comfortable! Comfort is everything.  


The one negative about this lovely skirt, no pockets. I even debated keeping it because of the lack of pockets, but clearly my love for lilac won over my penchant for skirts with pockets. 


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